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What is the Difference between Parked and Addon domains?

Parked Domains are basically an alias domain name to your main domain, it will be pointing to the same webpages as your main domain is pointing to ex. and is pointing to the same webpage "index.htm".

An addon domain allows you to run a separate web site to your primary domain. When you create an add on domain, it makes a folder in your public_html folder and you upload the site content into that folder. So essentially you are running 2 separate sites, separate content, off one account.

Say your primary is and you create addon domain The addon domain is pointed to the "addondomain" folder under public_html

In the address bar if you type it will resolve to the content in the "addon-domain" folder and in the address bar you will see

With both the parked and addon domains, you can create seperate email accounts for each domain name.

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